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Payroll Interface and hr

The ERPGov Cloud Payroll Interface and Human Resources (HR) module increases organizational efficiency and improves regulatory compliance. The system manages employee demographics, mandated Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information, training, work assignments, and compensation. This function is directly connected to ERPGov Cloud's Time and Expense portal, which seamlessly interfaces with third party payroll services such as ADP or PayChex.

Payroll Interface and HR

Our system has extensive payroll and human resource management functions including:

TheThe Employee Detail and Employment File stores home address,
telephone numbers, email addresses and more.

It also shows seniority status and allows supervisors to enter date-stamped notes in the personnel file. Ite even compiles EEO-mandated demographic information, I-9 employment eligibility status, and veteran status. If your organization is required to submit annual EEO forms, ERPGov automatically prepares the forms from data already entered.

The Compensation Page includes all pay-related information for a given employee,
whether nonexempt (hourly) or exempt (salaried).

Pay rates and rate histories are used both for payroll and for calculating cost plus invoices. The software also accommodates multiple payroll groups if more than one payroll schedule is used.

Managers designate which specific tasks, over what timeframe, and for how many
hours each employee can charge.

The McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act requires that contractors and subcontractors
pay service employees no less than the wage rates and fringe benefits found prevailing in the locality.

You can run reports by user-defined work locations and departments.

Our software has a host of payroll reports that are available to provide insight into employee or group parameters. Some of the reports include assignments, hours worked and leave balances. These parameters may be aggregated by individual departments or work locations.

Our software allows for easy exports!

Benefits of our Payroll and HR Module:

Simplifies the payroll process

ERPGov Cloud automates the setup, processing and disbursement of employee paychecks, resolving one of the biggest ongoing headaches of operating a business

Controls labor cost charging

ERPGov Cloud provides definitive control over who can charge each contract and task, what time period is allowed, and how many hours are allocated. This capability helps protect against incorrect charges that could have negative implications on the project or require manual reversal

Find out more about our Cloud based software for government contractors.

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