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DCAA Compliance

ERPGov Cloud accounting is designed to guide you into DCAA compliance

Proper Segregation of Costs – Indirect costs are assigned to one of the indirect pools provided, while direct costs are assigned to specific contract tasks

The General Ledger - breaks out your revenue, direct costs, indirect costs, and any unallowable expenses.

Financial and Indirect Rate Reporting - You can see your financials, indirect rates, or profitability of individual contracts as of any time.


Contract management

ERPGov Cloud includes the following key contract-related functions:

Contract details– Allow the user to enter all information needed to support contract-level management, reporting and invoicing.

  ➥Support for multiple contract types – Including CPFF, T&M, FFP and commercial. The user can specify invoicing format, provisional rates, mark-up and fee structure to support automatic invoice generation.

Tasks/subtasks - The setup of each task automatically creates its own cost ledgers, tied to the parent contract.

Contract modifications – Are entered at the task level and automatically update contract and task funding.

Remaining task funding and hours – Task forecasts provide considerable information regarding task funding status.

Contract backlog report – Provides real-time insight into backlog funding status.

Extensive project cost accounting reports – Make it easy to monitor project status and actively manage progress. 

Time and expenses

We address almost every conceivable organizational need with:  

Timesheet entry from PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – Through the web Timesheet Portal from any location.

Individualized authorization of employee charge numbers/labor categories – Employees can only enter labor time for assigned charge numbers and labor categories.

Employee leave balance – The employee’s current sick/personal leave and vacation balances are displayed prominently on their timesheet entry page. There is no need to wait for a periodic pay stub to review these balances.

Automated reminder emails – Notify timesheet stragglers to keep their timesheets current (without requiring supervisor intervention).

Subcontractor and consultant access – Subcontractors and 1099-form independent contractors can enter their time charges directly into the timesheet portal.

Timesheet status and supervisor desk audit capability – Includes a number of reports to effectively oversee the time charging process.

Personalization and notification –The web portal can be personalized to your requirements and includes a section for company announcements. An Intranet provides access to important company documents.

Online reports for Contract Managers – Reports include contract cost detail for any period as of any date, posted and non-posted labor hours, and complete cost detail on all tasks.

Business Expense Reports

The ERPGov Cloud software and the optional smartphone app provide the following key features:

Submission via PC, Mac, tablet or optional smartphone app – Using a web portal, iOS or Android device from anywhere.

Web-based, seamless integration to accounting – BER submittals are fully integrated with the ERPGov Cloud accounting system.

Ability to upload scanned or smartphone images of travel receipts –Saves time and improves accuracy.

Enforces seasonal per diem rates for destination – Imports seasonal and location-based per diem rates and enforces compliance.

Mileage reimbursement calculation – The system automatically calculates mileage reimbursement based on the most recent government-approved mileage rate.

Reimbursement by check or payroll–Accounting can select between reimbursement through payroll or check, per company policy.

Payroll Interface and HR

Our system has extensive payroll and human resource management functions including:

Employee detail and employment file – Stores home address, telephone numbers, email addresses and seniority status, and allows supervisors to enter date-stamped notes in the personnel file. Also compiles EEO-mandated demographic information, I-9 employment eligibility status, and veteran status. If your organization is required to submit annual EEO forms, ERPGov automatically prepares the forms from data already entered.

Pay rate(s) and type – The compensation page includes all pay-related information for a given employee, whether nonexempt (hourly) or exempt (salaried). Pay rates and rate histories are used both for payroll and for calculating cost plus invoices. The software also accommodates multiple payroll groups if more than one payroll schedule is used.

Labor assignment details –Managers designate which specific tasks, over what timeframe, and for how many hours each employee can charge. This capability is invaluable for controlling where, when and how labor costs are incurred.

Service Contract Act Health & Welfare (H&W) allowance - The McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act requires that contractors and subcontractors pay service employees no less than the wage rates and fringe benefits found prevailing in the locality. If designated, ERPGov will automatically add the H&W Allowance to given employees’ labor rates.

Reports by user-defined work location or department – A host of payroll reports are available to provide insight into employee or group parameters, including assignments, hours worked and leave balances. These parameters may be aggregated by individual departments or work locations.

Labor hour export to payroll services – Labor hours may be seamlessly exported to ADP, PayChex or other payroll providers, reducing the paycheck dispersal effort from hours or days to minutes.

Extensive Reporting

We address almost every conceivable organizational need with:

Financial statements - All traditional financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow are available. Each statement includes two levels of drill-down capability, so that users can immediately investigate the numbers behind the financial statements.

Extensive indirect rate reports as of any period - Calculates and displays indirect rates as of any chosen time period, unlike some other packages that will only provide month-end information.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable aging and transactions Revenue, expense and profitability of each contract - A single report presents the bottom line for any selected contract or combination of contracts.

Ability to export reports or invoice products to Excel, Word, text or PDF

Labor utilization and monthly labor hours - Multiple labor reports are available to help properly manage how labor resources are allocated.

Job status report (as billed with provisional rates vs. actual rates) - Provides a summary of hours and dollars billed year-to-date and contract-to-date.

Management reports on contracts and tasks

Customizable Manager’s Dashboard - Allows each user to select reports most applicable to their role.

White papers

Our system has an array of reports available plus customizable options!

Multi Company Support

Thinking bigger?

Support for Multiple companies -

ERPGov can support a family of companies, giving the parent company the ability to run reports on any of its subsidiaries or consolidated reports covering the entire group.    Each company has its own database and user community.

Customer contacts

Our system has extensive payroll and human resource management functions including:

Customer Details – Including mailing address, shipping address, contact name, phone and email. Multiple contact persons and shipping addresses may be entered for a single customer, with a default selection indicated. This capability allows ERPGov to accommodate more than one “Ship to” person and address without entering duplicate customer information. Users may also enter date-stamped notes to record specific customer actions, instructions or notable events.

Quotes, sales order entry and invoice generation for commercial sales – For commercial or non-contract sales, the entire quote, sales order entry and invoice generation process may be managed from the Sales tab. This process requires only the customer information and a list of Items (or services) to be delivered.

Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

The optional EVMS Module produces standard EVM statistics from routine data.

The ERPGOV CLOUD EVMS MODULE-drastically reduces the time that would be necessary to calculate EVM statistics manually or using spreadsheets, and ensures that EVM outputs use data directly from the accounting system.  

Incurred Cost Submission Electronic (ICE)

We address almost every conceivable organizational need with:  

All 16 schedules in DCAA’s recognized format.
The software uses entirely existing data from your system to prepare these reports – no further information is required. The output in Schedules A through O is consistent from form to form, since it is automatically generated from the same data set. This helps ensure that your submittal will be deemed “adequate” in DCAA’s initial review, and that your rates will ultimately be accepted once DCAA conducts an audit.

Purchasing and Inventory

The optional Purchasing and Inventory module includes the following key functions:

Purchase requests - May be submitted via ERPGov’s online web portal for fast-track response.

Requests for quote (RFQs) – Multiple vendor RFQs can quickly be created from within the ERPGov software.

Purchase order generation – POs may be generated and emailed directly from within the software, so the entire process from requisition generation to PO submittal can be accomplished in minutes.

Inventory tracking –The software tracks all inventory items, quantities and costs in real time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We can help you keep track of customers with our expanded CRM module

The ERPGov Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is currently being expanded to include many new features. Please check back soon for more details. 

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