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Contract management

ERPGov Cloud software manages both commercial and government contracts, including the various forms of Cost Plus (CPFF), Time & Material (T&M), and Fixed Price (FFP) contracts. The Contract Management module is the foundation upon which the accounting and timekeeping systems are built, ensuring smooth data flow from contract award to invoicing and receipt of payment. Seamless integration between business functions allow you to manage your contract performance efficiently.



Contract management

ERPGov Cloud includes the following key contract-related functions:

The user can enter all information needed to support
contract-level management, reporting and invoicing.

The Contract Detail Window is where one can input and access all contract-related information in one screen, including:
• Customer information from the existing customer database
• Billing address/agency
• Invoicing format
• Provisional rates
• Total contract ceiling
• Current contract funding
• Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) funding
• Revenue accounts

Once entered, all contract information connects with other modules, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

When a task is created, the system automatically generates
cost ledgers, tied to the parent contract and the G/L.

These capture direct labor, subcontractor labor, material, travel and other direct costs (ODCs).
• Contracts may have up to 999 tasks or subtasks, each with its own funding and modification history.
• Funding can be specified at the task or subtask level.
• Tasks can support CLINs or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements.

Modifications are entered at the task level and automatically update contract and task funding.

Provides real-time insight into backlog funding status.

Easily monitor project status and progress with cost reports and the ability to drill down into further financial detail.

Benefits  of our Contract Management Module:

Built for DCAA AUdit Success

From the beginning of each contract, ERPGov Cloud guides users into DCAA compliance. The Contract Management module collects the information required to generate DCAA compliant invoices and to present reports in auditor-recognized formats.


ERPGov Cloud readily provides visibility into the overall business, as well as the funding status of individual contracts and tasks, keeping Management in control.

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