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ERPGov cloud system updates March 17

By Melissa Crowley March 29, 2017


We value suggestions from our clients and want you all to have the best product possible so we are always making updates to our software. We want to keep you in the loop too and let you know what changes we make. We have made several changes/ additions this month. Read on for more information!


The first thing we did is to add some more new special purpose reports. In this update, we introduced the Ledger Master Drilldown, Ledger Extract , and Employee Hours & Cost by Date Data Extract.

Ledger Master Drilldown

If you want to see an overview of where all of your cost ledger accounts roll up into your general ledger accounts, this report lets you see the mapping of each account. You can find this report from General Ledger > Reports- Ledger > Ledger Master Drilldown.


Ledger Extract

This report is a "no frills" listing of transactions by selected G/L or C/L. The report provides all records for each account, based on specified date range. This is easily exported to Excel for data mining, account reconciliations, and ad hoc reports. You can find this report from General Ledger > Reports- Ledger > Ledger Extract.


Employees Hours & Cost By Date Data Extract

With this report you can find day by day data for selected range, people, and contract(s). Find this report from Payroll > Reports > Employees Hours & Cost By Date Data Extract.



For another look at these reports watch the video below.




Next, we made some functionality changes.


"Stabilized" Menus


If you are anything like me you may be quite excited by the update of "stabilized" menus. You might have noticed previously that if you moved your cursor accross white space that the menu would go away. The days of that are over! Check out the GIF below. Isn't it glorious?!


Contract Task Summary


In this report found from General Ledger > Reports- Contract > Contract Task Summary it now shows task level expenses vs funding.



Subcontract Task Funding VS expenses


This report can be found under Contracts > Reports Subcontract > Subcontract Tast Funding VS Expenses. This improves monitoring of subcontracted labor.



We hope you enjoy the additions/updates. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please feel free to Contact Us.


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