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ERPGov cloud Introduces HelpDsk

By Melissa Crowley October 29, 2018


You asked. We listened. We came up with a new support interface to better help you use our software.


Help Center

HelpDsk centers around the Help Center. In it you can find help articles, videos, frequently asked questions and more.

You can find articles by searching or keywords or just by selecting them from the main article menu.

Submitting Tickets

If you can't find answers to your your questions in the Help Center you can submit a support ticket. Unless the issue is a system bug you will need to purchase a support package to be able to submit tickets. Support hour packages are available in several tiers so your company can choose the amount of hours you need.


After you submit your ticket you can check on its status and even talk to our support staff through internal messages.


From your Dashboard you can easily see your open tickets to follow up and keep track of outstanding questions.

Additionally, there will be other helpful things so you can quickly help new users to learn our system ( or have quick refreshers for yourself) such as a glossary, guide to reports, and cheet sheets.

In the near future after this intital launch we will also be offering webinars and classes


We hope you are as excited as we are about this new support system. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please feel free to Contact Us.


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