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why ERPGOv cloud?

ERPGov Cloud® is now WrkPlan. This site will soon be replaced please begin visiting us on our new site here.
ERPGov Cloud delivers the optimum combination of simplicity, cost effective power, visibility and DCAA compliance. The software is easier to implement than Deltek Costpoint, has more modern capabilities than Deltek GCS, and is more functionally integrated than QuickBooks or similar government contract accounting systems.

ERPGov Cloud efficiently fulfills Management's information needs while guiding the organization into full DCAA and FAR compliance.
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Contract Management

ERPGov Cloud software manages both commercial and government contracts, including the various forms of Cost Plus (CPFF), Time & Material (T&M), and Fixed Price (FFP) contracts. The Contract Management module is the foundation upon which the accounting and timekeeping systems are built.

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Time and Expenses

ERPGov Cloud makes it easy to enter, approve and process timesheets in compliance with DCAA requirements. Employees and Managers can access the Timesheet Portal with web access from anywhere, allowing them to make or review submissions while on-the-go.

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Business Expense Reports (BER)

Business Expense Report (BER) submittal has traditionally been a tedious task for the submitter, the approver and the accounting department. ERPGov Cloud’s BER module is designed to significantly improve each step of the process by reducing the time to enter, verify and process information.

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Payroll Interface and HR

The ERPGov Cloud Payroll Interface and Human Resources (HR) module increases organizational efficiency and improves regulatory compliance. The system manages employee demographics, mandated Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information, training, work assignments, and compensation. This function is directly connected to ERPGov Cloud's Time and Expense portal, which seamlessly interfaces with third party payroll services such as ADP or PayChex.

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Extensive Reporting

Our system makes your life easier with statistics and extensive reports right at your fingertips. These are just a couple of the many reports our software has to offer:

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ERPGov Cloud maintains comprehensive customer contact information in one easily accessible location. Keep track of all of this and more...

• Contact Names
• Addresses
• Phone Numbers
• Email Addresses
• Quotes
• Order Inventory
• Invoices


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Additional aspects of our software

Our product also has these modules:

Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

This module drastically reduces the time necessary to calculate EVM statistics manually or by using spreadsheets, and ensures that outputs use data directly from the accounting system.

incurred cost
Submission Electronic (ICE)

The optional ERPGov Incurred cost module addresses all of the government's incurred cost submission requirements by preparing all 16 schedules in DCAA's recognized format.

Purchasing And Inventory

The optional Purchasing and Inventory module includes purchase requests, requests for quote (RFQS), purchase order generation, and inventory tracking.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The ERPGov Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is currently being expanded to include many new features. Please check back soon for more details.


what our  happy clients are saying

We have made these clients happy and we know that we can make you and your company happy too!

I used to have to open each individual recurring invoice to update the Accounting Period and Due Date – now I can assign these dates prior to generating the invoices - this saves me a lot of time each month!

Debra Davis
Our own employee
because we use our software too!

We have been using ERPGov since late 2010 and are very impressed so far. We particularly like the overall ease of use, the integrated web timesheets, and the way it allows segregation of duties. I am confident that we will be well positioned to pass our first DCAA …

Advanced Management
Strategies Group Inc

Protobox LLC has been using the ERPGov accounting software since 2007. It has served us well. We particularly like its ease of use, and integrated databases including timesheets and customer billing. It has been especially useful for managing our contracts and DCAA reporting. We rely on ERPGov for time tracking, prompt invoicing, and generation …

Protobox LLC

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I like using your ERPGov software. It has simplified my accounting processes into one complete software package. It is very easy to use and even easier to maneuver.It's also nice to know when I'm experiencing a problem, you and your staff are always available to help me through it, which saves me a lot of time. You and your guys have helped me so many times in the …

Engineered Resources LLC

am pleased to be able to offer a testimonial regarding our experience with Cost Solutions. We have been using the product since 2007. We are a "virtual company," meaning we have no physical plant. All GRA employees work from their homes, including the Cost Solution team. Prior to Cost Solution …


In comparison to QuickBooks, I really like ERPGovCloud' s ability to track contract/project hours and cost at employee level. I like that it is able to track labor category cost and contract cost for each …

National Sourcing Inc

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